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Unit Five Music 2  

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I. Objectives:

1. Goal of Knowledge:

1) To deal with the usage of some important words or phrases in the core lexical area..

2) To cope with the text and the additional reading

2. Goal of Ability:

1) To be able to grasp the gist of the text by listening.

2) To be able to talk about music and music appreciation by modeling the text.

3. Goal of Emotion:

1) To get the students out of the stress and pressure of daily studying and piles of, and spare them a chance to get entertained and unwound.

2) To share the pleasure of music appreciation and to exchange feelings about music in English.

4. Goal of morality:

To teach the students to face the music when they are faced with trouble or when they do anything wrong.

II. Important and Difficult Points:

1. To learn something about music and some famous musicians

2. To process the language points in the text and the noun clause: subject clause

3. To promote the students’ ability of the English application

4. To involve as many students as possible in the classroom activity

More material for optional use:

About the vocabulary:

1. conduct vt.

(1) 指挥

conduct a concert/an orchestra

(2) 组织,进行,执行

conduct an experiment/a survey/a negotiation/a meeting

进行试验 / 调查 / 谈判 / 会议

(3) 带领,为(某人)导游

a conducted/guided tour 有导游陪同的旅游

(4) 举止

conduct oneself=behave oneself

conduct n. 行为;管理方法

conductor n. 指挥;售票员,列车员

2. composition n.

(1) 作曲,创作 the acting of composing (U)

(2) 作品 one of Beethoven’s finest compositions 贝多芬最优美的音乐之一

(3) 作文 write a composition

(4) 成分,构成,组成 What’s the composition of the house?

compose v.

(1) 作曲;创作 compose music

(2) 组成,构成 be composed of 由 … 组成 be made up of consist of

3. quit (quitting quit quit/quitted, quitted)

(1) to leave your job, school, etc. 离开

He will quit because he has lost interest in the job.

He quit his job because his boss never gave him a rise.

(2) to stop doing sth 停止

quit sth/doing sth

The employees quit work when the bell rang.

Why not quit smoking?

4. passionate adj. filled with deep and strong feeling

a passionate interest in music

The chairman of the Students’ Union make a passionate speech of freedom.

passion n. 激情

5. interpretation n.

(1) explanation 解释,理解

Your interpretation of the notice is different from mine.

(2) 演绎,演奏方式

his passionate interpretation

I was strongly impressed by his wonderful interpretation of the symphony.

interpret v.

(1) to explain the meaning of sth 解释,说明;把 … 理解为

interpret a text/a poem/a dream


I didn’t know whether to interpret her silence as acceptance or refusal.

(2) to perform a piece of music, a role in a play, etc. 演绎,演奏

He interpreted the role with a lot of humor.

interpret a piece music

(3) to translate one language into another as you hear it 口译

Will you please interpret for me?

interpreter n. 口译人员,演绎的人

6. score

n. (1). 得分,进球;分数

a high/low score

(2). 总谱

an orchestral score


(3). 二十

v. 得分,记分;编总谱

7. loyalty n. 忠诚,忠实 the quality of being faithful

All the staff show great loyalty to their employer.

loyal adj. 忠诚的,忠实的

be loyal to sb/sth

She has always remained loyal to her politics. 信守自己的原则

a loyal friend/supporter

8. rehearsal n. 排演

rehearse v. 排演

rehearsed the orchestra 指挥交响乐团的排练

9. stamp

v. 1. 跺脚;重踩

Sam stamped his feet in anger. 萨姆气得跺脚

2. 在 … 上盖章

I will have my passport stamped.

n. 1. 邮票 , 印章

He has got a large collection of foreign stamps.

10. ban

n. 禁令

The government has placed a ban on its export.

v. 禁止 forbid

a campaign to ban smoking in public places

ban sb from sth/doing sth

He was banned from driving for six months.

About the text:

1. regard… as 把 … 看作

Abraham Lincoln is regarded as one of the greatest presidents in the United States .

Also: think of …as/ look upon…as/ consider…as/ see…as/ view…as/ judge…as/ …

2. with the highest honors 成绩优异

It is said that he graduated from Cambridge with the highest honors.

honor n. 荣幸,荣誉,尊敬

I feel it an honor to be invited.

the guest of honor 贵宾

in honor of sb 向 … 表示敬意

honorable adj. 可敬的,值得尊敬的

3. on a tour (in…) 在 … 巡回演出

The famous professor is on a lecture tour in America . 巡回演讲

The band is currently on a nine-day tour of France .

a concert tour 巡回音乐会

4. call in 请来,约请

Call in a doctor at once.

5. fill in as… take one’s place 代(某人)的职务

She in on holiday this month, so I am filling in as her.

Mary filled in as a secretary until Miss Brown came back.

fill in the blanks/ an application form

6. at ( very ) short notice not long in advance 仓促间(要求做某事)

Mr. Li was called in to replace the sick actor at very short notice.

They have to leave for Japan on business at very short notice.

7. greet v. 向 … 打招呼,欢迎 ; 给以做出反应

greet sb (with sth)


His speech was greeted with loud cheers.

She always greets me with a smile.

8. recall vt. to bring sth back 回忆起

She could not recall his name. 她想不起他的名字。

I can’t recall meeting her before.

He lay in bed recalling the details about the accident they had told him.

9. make use of 利用

We should make use of our recourses.

You’d better make use of your spare time.

10. tear v. (tore, torn) 撕碎,撕裂,撕开

tear…into pieces 把 … 撕成碎片

He tore the letter in two. 撕破的手帕

a torn handkerchief

tear a parcel open 把包裹撕开

He was so angry at the news that he tore all the important papers to pieces.

11. at a loss 不知所措

His comments left me at a loss.

I am at a loss what to do next.

12. meet/satisfy/answer one’s demands=meet/satisfy/answer one’s needs

Companies try to meet the demands of customers.

13. spare vt.

(1) 免除,省得

spare sb/yourself from sth

His parents spared him from punishment.

The doctor tried to spare him from pain.

(2) 拨出,抽出,提供(时间,钱 … )

spare sb sth=spare sth for sb

Could you spare me a few minutes?

We can only spare one room for you.

14. protest v./ n. 抗议,反对

protest against sth

There was a large crowd outside protesting against the war.

They are holding a protest against the government’s economic policy.

More translation exercise:

1. 李先生以优异的成绩从上海医科大学毕业。

Dr. Li graduated from the Shanghai Medical University with the highest honors.

2. 这个故事发生在 Toscanini 在巴西巡游期间。

The story took place when was on a tour in Brazil .

3. 那位流行歌星的表演受到了歌迷们的热情欢呼。

The pop star’s performance was greeted with enthusiastic cheers by his fans.

4. Toscanini 的超凡魅力和他的对乐曲的完美演绎使他成为一位杰出的指挥家。

It was Toscanini’s charisma and his perfect interpretation of musical pieces that made him an outstanding conductor.

5. 他成功的秘密就是对教育事业的无私奉献。

The secret of his success is his unselfish devotion to the cause of education.

< 双新 >

1. It was because of what he had done for football that he was regarded as the king of soccer.

2. In 1931 Toscanini was physically attacked for refusing to play the fascist anthem, and for protesting against Hitler's ban on Jewish musicians.

3. Though he has suffered a lot/ gone through a lot of difficulties, his positive attitude towards his life is respectable.

4. The police tried everything they could to make the only witness recall the details of the murder.

5. He was so poor at French that he was at a loss when trying to explain how to get to the museum to the French visitor.

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