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高三Unit 1(3)New Words  

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高中英语语法第一部分第七讲:动词ing  ed



高中英语语法第一部分第八讲:动词ing  ed



New Words

1. conclude 1) vt.& vi 结束,完结;使终止end up with

He concluded his speech with some amusing remarks.


The book concluded with a happy ending.


2)vt. 下结论, 称…… (不能用进行时)

conclude + that-clause

The police concluded that he was the criminal of the murder.


The judge concluded that the prisoner was guilty.





 3) vt. (与…)缔结条约

  We concluded an agreement with the enemy and soon made peace.


conclusion – n. 1) [u]结论, 决定

arrive at/ come to / draw / reach 得出结论

jump to conclusions/ a conclusion匆匆下结论

a hasty / rash conclusion  草率的结论


 come to a conclusion  结束        

 bring …to a conclusion  使……结束

in conclusion = lastly 最后,总之

In conclusion I’ d like to say how much I’ve enjoyed staying here.

2.hire – 1) vt. 租用(AmE多指临时性); 雇用 BrE rent,较长都用rent (rent a house)

hire a bike / wedding-dress from him

hire a dozen men to dig a ditch

a hired car

n.[u]租用on hire 供租用

This suit is on hire.


     take on/ take sb. on (opp) lay off

3. send sb in派人去处理某事

Soldiers were sent in to put down the rebellion.

send sth in寄送某处进行处理

 Have you sent in your application for the job?

4. set down / put down / write down sth写下来

Why don’t you set your idea down on paper?

set sb. down 停车让人下车

The bus stopped to set down an old lady.

I’ll set you down on the corner of the street.

5.length n.长度;长

This room is twice the length of the others,but narrower.

in length / height / depth 长度是。。。,

The room is 30 feet in length and 15 feet in depth.

a river 300 miles in length

at length = at last最后;详尽地

At length the bus arrived, forty minutes late.

we discussed the matter at length.

6.in a row 连续, 一连串

He wrote us seven letters in a row.

  Chinese women volleyball team won five champions in a row in the 1980s.

in rows / a row 成行, 成排

They planted the trees in rows.

The children stood in a row in front of the row of the chairs.

7.in the first (second, etc.) place首先(其次等),第一点(用于列举理由等时)

  Now, in the first place what made you go so suddenly, and in the second why did you leave no message?

  first of all

  First of all let me say how glad I am to be here.

  above all

  in the last place最后

in the next place其次, 第二点

in place of         代替, 用...而不用…

in place   1)放在本来(应放)的地方2)适当的 (反)out of place

in places           在某些地方, 有几处

in one’s place

8. account –n. 叙述;账目;账户

She gave the police a full account of the incident.

send in an account  报帐

keep the accounts of  记帐

  on account of = because of

  on account 赊账

  by all accounts 据报道

  by one’s own account 据某人说

  take sth into account 考虑到

  The Italian boy was regarded as a hero ___ he gave his life for his country.  A. according to  B. because  C. on account of

9. attempt v./ n. 企图;试图(做某事)

  attempt  to do

          n./ pron.

The prisoners attempted an escape/ to escape, but failed.

   make an attempt  to do

                  at sth. / doing

                  on sb.(= to kill sb.) 企图谋杀某人

   at first / second attempt 第一次/第二次

She will attempt to beat the world record.

Don’t attempt the impossible.

They made no attempt to escape /at escaping.

   I passed the test at the second attempt.(= the second time I tried)


1)The wounded bird ___ flying till it fell over. 

A. tried  B. attempted  C. managed  D. would like

2)He ___ to escape from the prison, but he couldn’t find anybody to help him.  A. succeeded  B. attempted  C. advised  D. offered

3)A man is being questioned in relation to the ___ murder last night.  A. advised  B. attended  C. attempted  D. admitted

9. inspect  vt. examine详细调查,检查, 审查; 视察make an official visit to

You should inspect the car well before you buy it.


The Minister of Education inspected our school.


拓展: inspection [C] 调查;检查;视察

carry out / conduct an inspection 调查

a close /thorough inspection         彻底调查

on inspection 通过观察

On inspection the meat was found to be bad.


  be suitable to 适合;适宜 Is she suitable for the job?

  be fit for / to do

  be good for  He is good for nothing.他是个窝囊废。

  be suited to 适宜; 合适

He was not suited to the job and left after three months.

  be made f or

   These hills are made for winter sports.

  fit in (with)(使)相互适合

   This fits in with his ideas.

  be right for   He is right for the job.

11.apply (to sb.)for sth. 申请

   apply to do


   Would you apply that rule to everyone?

   Apply your knowledge to practice.

   apply to sth./ sb. 适用于

   applied science

   application 申请[u];申请书或口头申请[c];应用;适用

   make application

   applications for the job

12. confirm vt. 查证…的真假,证实…,确认make certain/sure

He confirmed the rumor.

The experiment confirmed his theory.

confirm + that /wh-  确定

The President confirmed (that) he would visit France the following month.



   little by little

   bit by bit=a bit at a time

   a little at a time

14.burst into cheers 突然欢呼起来

burst into + n.

burst out + doing

eg:  burst into tears

 burst out crying

 burst into laughter

   burst out laughing   Believe it or not, Levy’s sister suddenly ___ crying when we were eating.


A. burst out    B. burst in   C. burst into   D. burst on

15. familiar 和 similar

sb. be familiar with sth.    某人对…熟悉/通晓    

sth. be familiar to sb.     为某人所熟悉

familiarity n. 熟悉,亲密

be similar to   与…相似/类似

be the same as 同。。。一样

be the same to sb. 对。。。来讲一样

 It’s all the same to me.

be different from

be different in

similarity n. 相似,相似之点

16. center on/ upon集中于; 把某人/物当作重点或中心

The topic of the meeting centered on the development of China’s football in the following ten years.


Their talks always center on politics. 他们的谈话总是围绕着政治。

The discussion centers on the most important questions.

17. concentrate

1) vi. vt. 集中; 全神贯注keep all one’s thoughts, efforts, attention etc.

  concentrate (...) on/ upon...

 You should concentrate on the road when you’re driving.

 If you don’t concentrate more on your work, you’ll lose your job.


 Industrial development is concentrated in the Northeast.

Our population is concentrated in the big cities.


concentrated food

18.delight  n.1) 欣喜,愉快 [u]=joy 

to one’s delight / joy令…高兴的是

with delight兴高采烈/高兴地

take/find delight in以…为乐

2) 乐事,乐趣[C]  

He enjoyed the delights of New York's night life.


vt. 使高兴;使愉快=please

The clown delighted the audience. 小丑逗乐了观众。

 I'm delighted that you are back.

We were delighted to read your novel.

be delighted by/with sth. 因…而高兴


Listen and read the passage carefully and pay attention to the main idea of each paragraph.

    Para1: How did the book come about?

    Para2: Contents in the book.

    Para3: Chinese Records.

    Para4: Many records are moving and interesting.

    Para5: Why are people so interested in world records?

    Para6: How to set a record.

1.      settle an argument 1)解决,处理,决定vt.

It is time you settled the dispute/ argument/ their quarrel.

That’s settled.就这么定了。

It is not settled whether I an going to America.

同:solve a)解决(问题,困难)

 solve the problem/question


solve the math problem/ riddle/ a crossword puzzle

2)定居 settle (down) in

I hope to settle (down) in this country.


We still have electricity bill to settle.

check in / out

2. set sth. down

  set sb. down

set  相关短语

set out

 set out to do sth.

 set about doing sth

  set off 出发;启程;引爆;燃放

  set back 退步;挫折;阻碍

 set aside  拔出;把。。。置于一边

 set foot in / on

set fire to sth.

 set a good example to sb.

  set the table

The old man decided to ____ some of his spare money

 in the local bank for his old age.

 A. set out    B. set aside   C. set down   D. set about

3.keep track of 与。。。 保持联系;看清;听清

lose track of 失去联系;看不清;听不清

He couldn’t escape because the police kept track of him.


To a scientist, the most important thing is knowing he does not lose track of what he’s doing.


I found it hard to keep track of my old friends.

 It’s hard to keep track of all one’s old school friends.

I ‘ve lost track of what is happening.

lose track of time说不准现在的确切时间

keep an eye on照看;

keep faith with对……守信用;

keep in mind记住,放在心上。

We have been out of touch with each other for many years, and I find it difficult to keep          of my old friend now.

A. track   B. eye    C. faith   D. mind

 keep in touch with

 lose touch with

 get in touch with= contact; reach sb. by telephone

4. stand out明显;醒目;杰出,突出

The road is easy to read; the words stand out well.

Among mystery writers, Christie stood out as the best.


stand by 袖手旁观;支持;忠于

   How can you stand by and watch your child ruin his life?

   Please stand by me in my hour of need.

stand for代表,表示;意指;象征represent; mean

What does The US stand for? The United States.

stand up耐久;耐用; 成立;站立

 Will the charge stand up in court? 这个指控在法庭上能成立吗?

stand up for 维护;拥护

 You should stand up for your rights.

Johnny is a great dancer, he ______ above the rest for his perfect performance.

A. stand by   B. lives on  C. stands out   D. makes out

5. as / though 引导的让步状语从句

1)Interesting as the book is, I am in no mood to read it.

2)Talented as he is, he never shows himself off before his friends.

3) Much as I like Venice, I couldn’t live there.

4)Child as she is, she has experienced the hardship of life.

5)Object as you may, I ’ll go.  

(1)___,the teacher kept working until she finally finished correcting all the students’ papers.

A. Ill as is she   B. Ill as she is  C. As she was ill  D. As ill she was

(2)____, I have never seen anyone who is as capable as John. ( 上海2001)

  A. As lone as I have traveled    B. Now that I have traveled so much

  C. Much as I have traveled      D. As I have traveled so much

6.make for    有利于,有助于做某事;朝…前进

 make out 弄清楚;辨认;开出;列出

 make up 捏造;虚构;弥补;补偿

 make sure 确信;有把握

 make believe假装

 make over 移交=turn over;(合法地)转让(财产)

The young kids are making for home after school.

The large print makes for easy reading.

They made believe they were princes and princesses.

I can just make out the writing.

Regular exercise will surely ___ our good health.

A. make out    B. make up   C. make sure    D. make for

7.in the air

8.since 其后的动词不同,起算的时间不同:

  since +瞬间动词的过去式(从该动作发生时算起)

  since +持续动词的过去式(从该动作结束时算起)

 He has worked very hard since he entered the factory.

We haven’t seen each other since I worked in the factory.

比较:It’s two years  since he joined the army. 他参军两年了.

 since he was a soldier.他退役两年了.

It’s almost three years ___ I last saw her.

  A. since    B. when      C. that     D. after

(=It has been three years since I last saw her.)

如果是要表示从句的动作或状态至今,该动词要用现在完成时,或用ever since +一般过去时,强调与现在的联系.

1)I’ve known her   since I have lived here.

                since I came here.

                ever since I lived here.

2)---Tom doesn’t live here, does he?

---___. It has been four years since he lived here.

A. No, he doesn’t        B. Yes, he does

C. No, he does          D. Yes, he doesn’t    

8.Part of the reason for our interest is probably the same curiosity that led Sir Hugh to write The Guinness Book of World Record in the first place.

(p.4 para3)

lead to

 lead … to

 lead a … life / live a … life

 take the lead

①It is not surprising that you are tired, ___, you

    have worked for nearly a whole day.

    A. in all                  B. in the first place

    C. first of all          D. after all

②Great changes ___ in the rural areas in the last

    two decades.

    A. have taken place            B. took place

    C. have been taken place    D. are happening


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