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我和我的女儿 我和我的学生




Unit 6 Going west  

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I. 课程标准要求掌握的项目

话题:Talking about perseverance and success

词汇:quit, circumstance, assessment, survival, biscuit, alcohol, goat, flour, nail, razor, bedding, beyond, ox, frontier, salty, pond, burden, desperate, beast, accustomed, thirst, starvation, anxiety, shallow, tax, anniversary, granddaughter, flu, throat, catastrophe, relief, deliver, Arctic, tough, quilt, packet, ray, bark, sculpture, memorial, retell

功能:Expressing perseverance and success

I believe in myself and know ...

I am more of ...

I know exactly ...

I stand for what I say ...

I am honest with myself and ...

I always finish what I have started.

I am never disappointed for very long.


I can quickly adapt myself to ...

I am strong and ready for any challenge.

I don’t lose heart when I fail to do something.)

I believe in myself and know I can achieve my goals.

I can quickly adapt myself to new circumstances.

They are strong enough to face any challenge.


1.believe in   信任;信耐

2.stand for   代表;代替

3.adapt to    适应

4.lose heart  灰心;泄气

5.be cast away  (被)抛弃

6.give up   放弃

7.less than  少于;不足

8.set off for  开始(旅程;赛跑);出发

9.move on   继续前进

10.take the way  出发;首途

11.lose one’s way  迷路

12.hang out  伸出

13.in desperate need of   在极度需要的(时候)

14.on our feet=on foot  步行

15.be accustomed to doing sth.  习惯于

16.suffer from   患病;遭受……之苦

17.hurry on to (with)  赶紧办理;急急忙忙地去做某事

18.stop to do sth.    停下来去做某事

19.start doing sth.    开始做某事

20.go on all fours   用四肢

21.(at)the edge of of   (在)……边缘

22.at stake   在危险中;关系重大

23.risk one’s life to   冒险去做某事

24.apply…to…  运用;应用

25.add up   (两个或两个以上的数量或量)加起来

26.take it easy   别紧张;放松点

27.keep up   维持;保持;使某事处于高水平

28.common sense   常识;情理

29.leave behind   忘带;留下

30. live through sth. 经历某事物而幸存

31.tie up   系;拴;捆

32.go for   为……去;努力获取

33.be more of a leader than a follower

34.be honest with

35.keep up

36.leave behind

37.by day / by night

38.pass through

39.in anxiety of

40.reach the promised land

41.come to an  end   结束;终止

42.a race against time  与时间赛跑


1. This account of the wonderful land beyond the Rocky Mountains gave him the idea to move there.    2. The journey through the mountains and desert in the central part of the continent was the most trying part.       3. We left traveling with a group of 45 wagons.

4. April 12,1846, was chosen as the day when all should be ready to start.

5. Water that was shown on the map proved to be salty and not drinkable.

6. Sometimes the wagons had to be lifted an pulled up where there were no roads.

7. Passing through the desert, we came out into the Salt Lake Valley, which looked beautiful to us.      8. I was so weak and tired that I got onto my knees and started moving across the sands on all fours.       9. The animals dragged their legs, too weak to pull their burden,…

10. Lying around them were chains, guns, tools, bedding, clothing and many…

11. If untreated, it would produce a powerful poison that would kill the patient. 

12. No pains, no gains! Don’t step away from challenges, but go for it. 

13. Every minute counted.1

14. There was widespread relief when it was discovered that a hospital in Ancharage had a good supply of 300,00 units.

 Period 1   New words and expressions

Teaching aims:

1)Read the new words and expressions.

2)Learn some of the important new words and expressions

1.quit [ ] vt. 过去时,过去分词quit或 quitted,现在分词quitting

1). 离开;退出

He quitted Paris after a week. 他一周后离开了巴黎。

2). 放弃,停止 [+v-ing]

He has quitted smoking.他已戒了烟。

She asked them to quit talking.她要求他们不要说话

quit a job.辞去工作

advised them to quit their dissipated ways. 劝导他们撇弃放荡的生活方式

      vi. 1). 离开;迁出

If he doesn\'t pay his rent, he will receive notice to quit. 如果他不付房租,他将被通知搬出去。

2). 停止 It\'s almost 5 o\'clock; time to quit.都快五点钟了;该下班了。

3). 放弃斗争,认输 4). 【口】辞职

I\'m going to quit next week.我将在下周辞职。

2.apply [ ] vt.  1). 涂,敷;将...铺在表面 (+to)

The nurse applied the ointment to the wound. 护士把药膏敷到伤口上。

2) 应用;实施 (+to) We should apply both theories in the language classroom.


He applied the brakes.他踩刹车


This rule can not be applied to every case. 这条规则并不是在每种情况下都能适用的。


She applies all her money to her mortgage(抵押). 她将她所有的钱都用来付抵押贷款


apply oneself to 专心从事,埋头于…

The new comer applied his mind to the job. 新来的职员工作专心致志。

Students should apply themselves to their study. 学生们应该专心致志地学习。

注意:He applied to the company for the position.他向公司申请这一职位。

3.add up 把...加起来

Add up 3, 4 and 5 and you\'ll get 12. 把三、四、五相加,总数是十二。

Add up these figures, please. 请把这些数字加起来。

He wrote down the weight of each stone and then added up all the weights.


add up to 总计为,总数达

His education added up to no more than one year.他受的教育加起来不过一年。

add…to…把…加到…上/里 // add to 增加,增强

add fuel to the fire 火上加油    add color to 增色

Will you add some sugar to your coffee?

Your carelessness adds to our difficulties.

 4.circumstance [ ] n.情况,环境;情势

In normal circumstances I would have resigned immediately.在正常情况下,我本会马上辞职的。

under no circumstances ,in no circumstances,无论如何不;决不

词组:under the circumstances或in the circumstances 在这些情况下;情况既然如此

The circumstances forced me to accept. 环境迫使我不得不同意。

Maybe under these circumstances we may say that man can conquer nature.


It depends on [upon] circumstances. 这要视情况而定。

Under no circumstances should you step out of the house.

5.Don\'t lose heart. 别泄气。       lose sight of忘记,忽视

lose one’s heart to爱上 lose contact with 与 …失去联系  lose control of对…失去控制

lose face丢面子      lose hold of 松手,放开           lose interest in对…失去兴趣

6.assessment [ ] n.

评价;估计[C] He made a careful assessment of the situation. 他对形势作了细致的评估。

assess [ ] vt. assessed, assessing, assesses

估定, 评定对...进行估价,评价

It is too early to assess the effects of the new legislation. 现在来评价新法规的效果为时尚早。

7.take it easy别着急,别紧张,慢慢来,多休息(从容, 不紧张, 松懈, 轻松)

Take it easy. We\'ll take care of everything. 别着急。一切由我们照料。

Our teacher told us to take it easy before the examination. 老师交待我们考试前要放松。

---I’ve caught a bad cold,and had a headache.

---Take it easy and drink more water.

8.keep up保持,维持,坚持;持续,继续:

We asked her to stop talking, but she kept up. 我们请她别再说话了,但她依旧说下去.

Keep up! 坚持!

keep up a good state of mind 保持一个良好的心态

Keep up your courage!鼓起勇气

Keep up your spirits! 振作精神

I don’t know how long the rain will keep up.不知道这雨会持续多久。

I have formed the good habit of getting up early, but I don’t know if I can keep it up.不知道是否能坚持下去

keep up with  赶上 /keep back阻止,扣下,隐瞒 /keep down控制,卧下 /keep off 不接近

 /keep on继续,保持  /keep out不准入内/keep out of 置身于…之 /keep to坚持/keep(sb) away (from sth)使(某人)离开(某物)/keep sth. in mind 记住

9.survival [ ]n.

1). 幸存;残存[U]

2). 幸存者;残存物[C]

 The old man is a survival of the past age. 这老人乃上一个时代的遗老。

survive [ ] vt. 1). 在...之后仍然生存,从...中逃生

Only two passengers survived the air-crash. 这次飞机失事只有两名乘客幸免于死。

2). 比...活得长;丧失(配偶,亲人等)

She survived her husband by twenty years. 她丈夫去世后她又活了二十年。

vi.  活下来,幸存;残留[(+on)]

Few survived after the flood. 洪水后极少有人生还。

10.relief [ ] n.

1). (痛苦,负担等的)缓和,减轻;解除[U][S1][(+of/from/on)]

The pills gave her some relief. 药片减轻她一些痛苦。

Will this medicine give immediate relief from the pain? 吃了这药能马上止疼吗?

2). 轻松,宽心,慰藉[U][S1]

Hearing the news, he breathed a sigh of relief. 一听到消息,他如释重负地松了口气。

I felt great relief when I heard I had passed the examination.听说我通过了考试,感到轻松多了。

3) 救济;补助;解救[U]

to send relief to flooded areas 将救济物资运送给灾区

11.deliver [ ] vt. n. 1). 投递;传送;运送[(+to)]

The mailman delivered the letters promptly. 那个邮差准时地投递信件。

Some new books have been delivered to the school. 一些新书已被送到学校。

2). 发表;讲;宣布

He delivered an important report at the meeting. 他在会上作了重要报告。

3). 给...接生;生(婴儿)

She delivered twins in the evening. 晚上她生了一对双胞胎。

Which doctor delivered the baby? 哪位医生接生了这个婴儿?

12.tough [ ] a. 1). 坚韧的,牢固的,折不断的

This material is as tough as leather. 这料子像皮革般坚韧。

a tough policy 强硬的政策

2). (肉等)老的,咬不动的

The steak was so tough I couldn\'t eat it. 牛排太老了,我咬不动它。

3). 困难的 the toughest questions.最困难的问题

He faces the toughest test of his life so far.他面临着人生最严峻的考验。

 a tough guy 硬汉 tough meat 老肉  tough attitude 强硬的态度   a tough task 棘手的任务   a tough customer  难缠的顾客   a tough neighborhood 治安很差的住宅区

13*wrap [ ] vt. wrapped, wrapped

1). 包,裹[(+up/in)]

I wrapped the book in brown paper before I mailed it. 我先把书用牛皮纸包好,然后邮寄。

2). 缠绕,披[O][(+around/about)]

She wrapped a scarf around her neck. 她把一条围巾围在脖子上。

3). 覆盖;遮蔽

The skyscraper was wrapped in fog. 摩天大楼为雾所笼罩。

14.tie up [ ] 1). 系住

He tied up the horse and went into the inn. 他系住马,走进了小酒店。

2). 使受阻

The traffic had been tied up for three hours. 交通阻塞已有三个小时。

15.packet [ ] n. . 小包(裹);小捆;小袋[C][(+of)]

The mailman brought a small packet. 邮差送来了一个小邮包。

He bought a packet of cigarettes. 他买了一包香烟。

16.go for为…而去,努力争取 He is going for a job.他正在求职

I really go for progressive jazz.我十分爱好渐进式爵士乐。

She doesn’t go for men of this type.她不喜欢他这种类型的男人。

Go for it,John. We know you can beat him.去吧,约翰。我们知道你能赢。


        Period 2  Warming up, listening and speaking

Teaching aims: Try to improve the students abilities of listening and speaking

Step 1 Warming up

   Ask the students to fill out the form ,write their score for each question in the box and add up the total score.

Step 2 Listening

   Listen to the tape and finish the exercises on page 47.

Step 3 Speaking

   The speaking activity is tied in with the listening. Encourage the students to think creatively.



 Unit 6  Going west - 紫霞仙客 - 紫霞仙客的博客


Talking about the pictures

Unit 6  Going west - 紫霞仙客 - 紫霞仙客的博客

 They are American Indians, the earliest Native Americans.


Unit 6  Going west - 紫霞仙客 - 紫霞仙客的博客

 For thousands of years, the American Indians lived  as hunters in North America.

Unit 6  Going west - 紫霞仙客 - 紫霞仙客的博客

 From 16th to 17th century, European settlers got to America ,drove away the native Americans and ruled the country

Unit 6  Going west - 紫霞仙客 - 紫霞仙客的博客

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