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我和我的女儿 我和我的学生




Integrating skills  

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Teaching aims:

1. To get the students to understand some words and phrases in the text.

2. To help the students summarize the main points after they read the dialogue.

 Extensive Reading


 Suggested answer to Exercise 4 on P187:

        I will never forget the winter in 1846. When we traveled across the Salt Lake desert, we lost our way shortly after we entered the desert. Anyone who has common sense knows that one can’t get across the desert without water. Our water supply became less and less, and new water source was not found. The beasts that were too weak to carry luggage were killed. We had to walk out of the desert on foot. For many weeks, we had been accustomed to seeing deadbeasts and abandoned wagons along the way.

       Things got worse and nobody took it easy. Everyone tried to protect themselves. Once I was so tired and weak that I was nearly left behind. However, I managed to keep up with team at last. We almost lost heart when we saw a valley with fat cattle and horses. We knew we had reached the destination! Our days of hardship had come to an end.

   Suggested answer to Exercise 3 on P189:

       At three o’clock in the morning we reached the edge of the desert. The animals almost ran. They must have smelt the water. Not long after this, we reached a running stream. Farmers who saw us stared at us. They could hardly believe what they saw. We looked like walking skeletons. When we saw the valley with cattle and horses, we thought we had reached the promised land! Our days of hardship had come to an end.

Integrating skills - 紫霞仙客 - 紫霞仙客的博客



Integrating skills - 紫霞仙客 - 紫霞仙客的博客

 1 Can you guess who are these people?

2 Where do they live?

3 what kind of transportation do they use?

 What did he describe in the novel The Call of Wild by Jack London? And where did the story happen?

       This story happened in Alaska, a far and cold land. It described the life of a dog named Buck as well as other dogs’ encounter.

Integrating skills - 紫霞仙客 - 紫霞仙客的博客


Step 1  Skimming

After reading the text, answer the following questions:

(1) What did the dialogue mainly tell us?

The dialogue mainly told us about the history of the Anchorage-to-Nome dog sled races.

(2) For what purpose did the people use the dog team?

People used the dog team to deliver the vaccine from Anchorage to Nome.

 (1 What race is  mentioned in the dialogue?

 The Anchorage – Nome dog sled race

2 What was the first race about?

 It was a race against time.

And when did it happen? It happened 80 years ago. )

Step 2  Scanning

 1 Where is Nome ?

 In Alaska.

2 what’s wrong with the children? what kind of disease?

 They all had diphtheria.

3 How could Dr Welch save the children?

 He used vaccine.


Find some information to fill in chart:

The brief introduction to the story            The time In the winter of 1925

The place A small city called Nome

 1. Who do you think the three persons are? What are they talking about?

    I think Mr. Rivers is the host of a program. I guess Mr. Parks is a historian or something else.

    Ms. Welch is the granddaughter of Dr Welch. And Dr Welch was a doctor of a small city called Nome.

2. Where did the story happen? And what happened to the children?

    The story happened in a small city called Nome. Some children in the city had a terrible disease and they would die if they couldn’t get enough vaccine.

 3. Where could they get the vaccine that would save the children?

    A hospital in Anchorage had a good supply of vaccine. It was far away from Nome.

4. What difficulties did they meet on the way and how did they overcome them?

 They faced many difficulties. First, the time was limited. The children would die if their treatment was delayed too long. Second, at that time, the sea was frozen and the only two planes had been stored, nothing got to Nome quickly. Third, The Arctic winter was very cold and there were terrible storms.

 The plot A terrible disease called diphtheria struck Nome, but there were no enough vaccine.

Luckily, the doctors found a good supply of it in Anchorage. However, the frozen sea and the shortage of the plane made it impossible to deliver the vaccine fast. So people decided to use a dog team. These dogs and their drivers overcame all the difficulty and worked day and night to make sure the vaccine can arrive on time.

The result  The children were saved by the vaccine because of the great efforts made by the dogs and their drivers. In order to remember these heroes, the local people set a bronze sculpture of a dog in New York’s Central Park. This is a memorial to all who risked their lives to save those of others.

Step 3  Further reading

Judge whether the following statements are true or false:

(1) The first dog race was a race against time. ( T )

(2) The disease which struck the Nome was called flu. ( F )

(3) If doctors couldn’t get enough vaccine, the children would die quite soon. (T )

(4) The doctors could do nothing but use the dog team to deliver the vaccine because there were not enough ships and planes. ( F )

(5) During the journey, the dogs and their drivers should fight against the hot weather. ( F )

(6) When the dogs and their drivers arrived on time, they were warmly welcomed. ( F )

Step 4  Language study

1. anniversary 周年纪念;周年纪念日

a wedding anniversary the 20th anniversary of our country’s independence

2. supply  n. [复] 供应品,供应量  vt. 提供, 供应,   supply sb. with sth.   supply sth. to sb.

1). The electricity company supplies electricity to houses.

2). We supplied them with money and clothes.

3. deliver: 释放,移交,投递,发表,给予,表达, 接生

deliver sb. from sth.把某人从…解救出来 deliver sth to/ over sb把某物交付某人.

deliver a message 带信,传话 deliver a speech发表讲话  deliver over (up) (to) 移交,交给 

He delivered himself up to the police. 他向警方自首了.

Would you deliver my message to your mother? 你可以帮我传口信给你母亲吗?

The mailman delivers the mail twice a day in this area. 这个地区的邮差每天送两次信。

He delivered a long speech. 他发表了一场很长的演说。

The doctor managed to deliver the triplets safely. 医生总算平安顺利地接生了那三胞胎。

4. stake n.桩,水刑柱,赌注 v.系于柱上,打赌

tie sth to a stake把…拴在柱子上  play for high stakes下大赌注赌钱

stake…on…把…押在…上       be at stake 生死攸关

He staked all his hopes on his son’s success as a statesman. 他把所有的希望都寄托在儿子身上,盼望他成为成功的政治家

He left the gambling game when they played for high stakes. 赌注太高时他离开了赌局

I’m going to stake $5 on that watch. 那块表我押5 美元.

Our children’s life is at stake. 孩子们的生命濒临危险.

5. risk n.风险, 保险对象  vt. 冒…的危险

do sth at the risk of one’s life=risk one’s life to do sth冒生命危险去做…

at all risks = at any risk无论冒什么危险,无论如何

at (one’s) risk 有危险        run (take) a risk (risks) = risk doing sth 冒险

If you go out without your raincoat, you run the risk of getting wet. 如果你出门不带雨衣,就有可能被淋湿.

We can’t risk your catching the measles. 我们不能让你冒染上麻疹的危险

Too many lives were at risk. 太多的人有生命危险

6. prevent v. prevention n. preventable 可预防的 preventive预防的

prevent sb from doing prevent disease

Try to prevent fires in dry weather. 干旱天气预防火灾

There was nothing to prevent him becoming engaged. 没有什么能阻止他订婚

Prevention of illness is better than curing it. 防病胜过治病

7. cover  vt. 掩盖,掩护,包括, 走过, 支付, 报道  n. 盖子, 封面

be covered with 盖着… from cover to cover从头至尾  cover 6 miles 走了6 英里

cover a conference采访会议  cover the expense 负担费用   a cover for…盖子

She covered her face with her hands. 她用手蒙住了脸.

I didn’t cover as much ground as I had wanted.我没有走完我原打算走的那么多路.

This report covered all aspects of the problem.这个报告涵盖了这个问题的所有层面

8. go for

(1)攻击,批评 She really went for me when I came in late. 我来晚了,她狠狠地骂了我一顿。

(2)试图得到,争取获得  Smith is going for gold in the 200 meters. 史密斯想争夺200米金牌。

(3)挑选,拿  When you offer him sweets, he always goes for the biggest one. 你给他糖果时,他总是挑最大的。

(4)喜欢,被……吸引  Do you go for modern music? 你喜欢现代音乐吗?

(5)适用于,应用于 He thought the lunch was terrible, and the same goes for all the rest of us too. 他认为这顿午餐糟透了,我们其他人也有同感。


Step 5  Translation

1. the eightieth anniversary of sth. …80周年纪念日

2. a race against time 与时间赛跑,抢时间

3. save…from 挽救……免于

4. there was widespread relief 足以令人欣慰

5. Every minute counted/counts. 没分钟都非常关键。

6. up to 一直到,等于

7. at stake 在危险中;关系重大

8. the golden rays of the dawn 黎明的第一道曙光

9. a memorial to sb. / sth. 的纪念馆

10. risk one’s life to do/doing 冒险去做某事 risk doing

11. diseases of that kind 那样的病

12. a historical event历史事件



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