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我和我的女儿 我和我的学生




Period 5 Grammar:the Attribute.  

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 Teaching aims:

1. To review the words and expressions learned in the reading.

2. To summarize the usages of the Attribute.

Step 1  Revision

1. What can we learn from this text?

When we come across problems, we shouldn’t try to escape. Instead , we should learn to face reality and solve the problems. As long as we overcome the difficulties and never give up, we will achieve our goals and succeed. More over, we all have dreams in our heart. As long as we insist and keep making great efforts, I believe we will make our dreams come true one day.

2. Consolidation

In the ____ of 1845, after his father read a book about ____, he decided to ____ there. His family and many other families ____ for their journey by the middle of October. After traveling through ____, they had to spend ____ in Kansas. Until ____, they wouldn’t leave. They traveled by day. On November4, 1846, they entered ____ and soon lost their way. Due to lack of ____, the oxen had no strength to pull the wagons and were burnt. People had no choice but to cover another 500 miles ____. At last, they ____ all the difficulties and got to the west on the morning of ____. They started their new life there.

Keys:  spring, California, move, 4 states, the winter, April 12, 1846, the desert, water and grass, on foot, overcame, Christmas Day

Step 2  Grammar  定 语



The green bike is mine. 那辆绿色的自行车是我的。

Is there anything wrong with your radio?你的收音机有毛病吗?

Miss Green is a responsible girl. 格林小姐是一位负责任的姑娘。

She told us good news. 她告诉我们好消息。


Can you answer those questions? 你能回答这些问题吗?

Your hair needs cutting. 你的头发需要理了。

This could change our lives. 这可以改变我们的生活。

Which class are you in? 你在哪个班?


His company is on the 23rd floor. 他的公司在二十三楼。

There is only one way to work out the maths problem. 这个数学题只有一种解法。

Mother bought two pounds of oranges yesterday. 母亲昨天买了两磅桔子。

Fifty students attended the party. 50名学生参加了晚会。


There are three women doctors in the medical team. 这个医疗队里有三位女医生。

They are going to send a trade delegation to China. 他们决定派一个贸易代表团来中国。

This is my bike. Tom’s bike is over there. 这是我的自行车,汤姆的自行车在那边。

Today’s newspaper is on the desk. 今天的报纸在桌子上。

【注】名词作定语时用单数形式,但man, woman作定语修饰名词时,应该与被修饰的名词在单复数上保持一致。

▲副词作定语   副词作定语修饰名词时一般要后置。如:

The climate there is mild. 那儿的气候很温和。

The buildings around were badly damaged. 附近的建筑受到严重损坏。

The scenery up at the lake is very beautiful. 湖泊的风光很美。

In the room upstairs lived an old couple. 楼上的房间里住着一对老夫妇。

▲介词短语作定语   介词短语作定语时,放在被修饰名词之后。如:

That has nothing to do with the matter under discussion. 这和讨论的问题没有关系。

Yesterday the scientist made a report on modem science. 这位科学家昨天给我们作了有关现代科学的报告。

▲不定式作定语  不定式作定语时,通常放在被修饰名词或代词的后面。如:

Do you have anything else to say?你还有什么话要说吗?

I have a lot of work to do today. 今天我有很多事情要做。

She had only a cold room to live in. 她只有一间寒冷的房间居住。

He is an honest man to be depended on. 他是一个诚实的可以信赖的人。


▲分词作定语   单个的分词作定语时,放在被修饰的名词或代词之前;如果是分词短语作定语,则应后置。如:

The headmaster gave an inspiring speech yesterday. 昨天校长作了一个激动人心的演讲。

There are a lot of children needing medical attention. 有大量儿童需要医疗照顾。

She had a worried look on her face. 她脸上有优愁的表情。

What do you think of the play put on by the students? 你觉得学生们演的剧怎么样?


There is a swimming pool in our school. 我们学校里有一个游泳池。

He bought some sleeping pills in the hospital. 他在医院里买了一些安眠药。

Tom’s parents bought a pair of running shoes for him as a birthday present. 汤姆的父母亲给他买了一双跑鞋作为生日礼物。

Where is Helen? She is in the reading room. 海伦在哪里?她在阅览室里。


a sleeping child 一个睡着的孩子 (现在分词)   a sleeping car 卧车 (动名词)

running water 流水 (现在分词)              running shoes 跑鞋 (动名词)


The girls who he employs are always complaining about the pay.  他雇佣的女孩子们总是抱怨她们的工资低。

Everyone who knows him likes him. 认识他的人都喜欢他。

All the apples that fall are eaten by the pigs.落在地上的苹果都被猪吃了。

She didn’t tell me the reason why she refused the offer. 她没跟我讲她拒绝这工作的原因。

There are times when such things are necessary. 有时候这样的事是必要的。

That’s the hotel where we were staying last summer. 这是我们去年夏天住过的宾馆。

【注】有关定语从句的详细内容请同学们参阅《中学英语1 +1》第一册上册的相关内容。


【语法专项训练】 根据汉语提示完成下列句子。

1.I have_____________________________________(没有什么特别的活动)tonight.

2. These are_____________________________________(通往海滨的路).

3. Perhaps______________________________________(在未来的岁月中)we shall meet again.

4. That has no relation to_________________________________(讨论的问题).

5. Is anything _______________________________________(出什么事了)?

6. It’s a very ________________________________________(有说服力的例子).

7. There was a tong line _________________________________________(在超市外等候).

8. She had a ________________________________________(脸上有忧愁的表情).  

9. What do you think of _____________________________________(学生们演的剧)?

10. What’s __________________________________________(你们政府对这个问题的态度)?

11. ______________________________________________________(这令我深思。)

12. ________________________________________(他该走了。)

13. ______________________________________________. (她是做这项工作合适的人选。)

14. _______________________________________________.(我已失去了对自然历史的兴趣。)

15. ________________________________________.(我在报纸上看到一样可能使你感兴趣的东西。)

16. Would anyone ____________________________(目击这一事故的)please get touch with the police?

17. The man _____________________________________(和我一道旅行的)couldn’t speak English.

18. There are times _______________________________________________(这样的事是必要的).

19. She didn’t tell me the reason ___________________________________(她拒绝这项工作的).

20. That’s the hotel ________________________________________________(我们去年夏天住的).



1. nothing special on                                               2. the roads leading to the beach

3. in years to come                                                4. the matter under discussion

5. the matter with you                                                   6. convincing example

7. waiting outside the supermarket                            8. worried look on her face

9. the play put on by the students                                    10. your government’s attitude towards the problem

11. This has given me a lot to think of                       12. It’s time for him to be off

13. She is the best person for the job                              14. I’ve lost my interest in natural history

15. I saw something in the paper which might interest you       

16. who saw the accident

17. with whom I beveled                                         18. when such things are necessary

19. why she refused the offer                                  20. where we were staying last summer


在句子中起名词作用的句子叫名词从句。名词从句的功能相当于名词词组, 它在复合句中能担任主语、




1.  定义:用作主语的从句叫做主语从句。

2.  构成:关联词+简单句

3.  引导主语从句的关联词有三类:

(1)    从属连词that。 如:That they were in truth sisters was clear from the facial resemblance

 between them.


(2)    从属连词whether。如:Whether he’ll come here isn’t clear.  他是否会来这里还不清楚。

(3)    连接代词who, whom, whose, what, which, whoever, whatever, whichever 连接副词 where,

when, how, why。如:

What she did is not yet known.  她干了什么尚不清楚。

How this happened is not clear to anyone. 这事怎样发生的,谁也不清楚。

Whoever comes is welcome.  不论谁来都欢迎。

Wherever you are is my home ---- my only home. 你所在的任何地方就是我的家----我唯一的家。

1.  主语从句能用it作形式上的主语。常以it作形式主语的句型有:

A.      It+be+形容词(obvious, true, natural, surprising, good, wonderful, funny, possible, likely, certain, probable, etc.)+that从句。

It is certain that she will do well in her exam. 毫无疑问她考试成绩会很好。

It is probable that he told her everything. 很可能他把一切都告诉她了。

B.      It+be+名词词组(no wonder, an honour, a good thing, a pity, no surprise, etc.)+that从句。如:

It’s a pity that we can’t go.   很遗憾我们不能去。

It’s no surprise that our team should have won the game. 我们没赢这场比赛真意外。

C.        It+be+过去分词(said, reported, thought, expected, decided, announced, arranged, etc.)+that从句。如:

It is said that Mr. Green has arrived in Beijing. 据说格林先生已经到了北京。

It is reported that China has sent another man-made earth satellite into orbit.


D.     It+seem, happen等不及物动词及短语+that从句。如:

It seems that Alice is not coming to the party at all. Alice似乎不来参加晚会。

It happened that I was out that day. 碰巧我那天外出了。

E.      It+doesn’t matter (makes no difference, etc.)+连接代词或连接副词引起的主语从句。如:

It doesn’t matter whether she will come or not. 她是否来这无关紧要。

It makes no difference where we shall have the meeting. 我们在哪里开会毫无区别。

F.      当that引导的主语从句出现在疑问句中时,要以it作形式主语,而把主语从句后置。如:

Is it true that the scientist will give us a lecture next week? 下周那位科学家将给我们作报告是真的吗?

Does it matter much that they will not come tomorrow? 他们明天不来很要紧吗?

G. 当主语从句出现在感叹句中时,要以it作形式主语,而把主语从句后置。如:

How strange it is that the children are so quiet! 孩子们这么安静真奇怪!

2.注意连接代词whoever, whatever, whichever等引导主语从句的含义

Whoever comes will be welcome. (whoever=the person who) 来的人将受到欢迎。

Whatever he did was right. (whatever=the thing that)  他所做的事情是正确的。

Whichever of you comes in will receive a prize. (whichever=anyone of you who) 你们当中不



1.  定义:用作表语的从句叫做表语从句。

2.  构成:关联词+简单句

3.  引导表语从句的关联词的种类:

(1)    从属连词that。如:The trouble is that I have lost his address.  麻烦是我把他的地址丢了。

(2)    从属连词whether, as, as if。如:He looked just as he had looked ten years before.  他看起来还与十年前一样。

The question is whether they will be able to help us. 问题是他们是否能帮我们。

注:从属连词if一般不用来引导表语从句,但as if却可引导表语从句,如:

All this was over twenty years ago, but it’s as if it was only yesterday.这都是20多年前的事了,但宛如昨天一样。

能跟表语从句的谓语动词一般为系动词be, seem, look等。如:

It looked as if it was going to rain. 看起来天要下雨了。

 (3)连接代词who, whom, whose, what, which, whoever, whatever, whichever  连接副词 where, when, how, why。如:

The problem is who we can get to replace her. 问题是我们能找到谁去替换她呢。

The question is how he did it.  问题是他是如何做此事的。

That was what she did this morning on reaching the attic. 那就是她今晨上了阁楼干的。

1.  连词because可引导表语从句。如:

I think it is because you are doing too much. 我想这是因为你做得太多。

2.  在一些表示“建议、劝说、命令”的名词后面的表语从句中,谓语动词用虚拟语气。should+动词原形表示,should可省略。如:My suggestion is that we (should) start early tomorrow. 我的建议是我们明天一早就出发。


1.  定义:用作宾语的从句叫宾语从句。

2.  构成:关联词+简单句

3.  引导宾语从句的关联词有三类:

(1)    从属连词that。如:

He told us that he felt ill.  他对我们说他感到不舒服。

I know he has returned.  我知道他已经回来了。

注: that在引导宾语从句时也并不是任何情况下都可以省略。在以下情况下,that不能省略。

1.  Everybody could see what happened and that Tom was frightened.(and连接两个宾语从句,that宾语从句放在and的后面时,that不能省略。)


2.I know nothing about him except that he is from the south.(that引导的宾语从句作介词宾语时,that不能省略。)


3.That he ever said such a thing I simply don’t believe. (that从句位于句首时,that不可省略。)


4.  We decided, in view of his special circumstances, that we would admit him for a probationary period. (主句谓语动词与that从句之间有插入语,that不可省略。)鉴于他的特殊情况,我们决定应允他一段试用期。


I doubt whether he will succeed.  我怀疑他是否会成功。

I don’t know if you can help me.  我不知道你能否帮助我。

(3)连接代词who, whom, whose, what, which, whoever, whatever, whichever连接副词 where, when, how, why。

Who or what he was, Martin never learned.他是什么人?他是干什么的?马丁根本不知道。

I wonder what he’s writing to me about.  我不知道他要给我写信说什么事。

I’ll tell you why I asked you to come. 我会告诉你我为什么要你来。

You may do what you will.  你可做任何你想做的事。

(1)      介词宾语从句


He was deeply displeased by what had occurred that day.他对那天发生的事感到很不快。

I walked over to where she sat.   我走向她坐的地方。

I am curious as to what he will say.  我很想知道他要说什么。

Your success will largely depend upon what you do and how you do it.你是否成功将主要取决于你做什么和怎样做。


I don’t care (for) who marries him.  我不管谁跟他结婚。

Be careful (as to) how you do that.  你要注意做这件事的方式。


We thought it strange that Xiao Wang did not come yesterday.我们认为小王昨天没来是奇怪的。

He has made it clear that he will not give in.他已表明他不会屈服。

2.作介词的宾语:连词that引导的名词性从句很少作介词的宾语,只用在except, but, in后。其他一些介词的宾语从句如果由连词that引导,则需用it先行一步,作形式宾语。如:

He is a good student except that he is careless.他是一个好学生,只是有点粗心。

You may rely on it that I shall help you. 你可以指望我会帮助你的。


Are you sorry for what you’ve done?你为你所做的一切感到内疚吗?

3.某些形容词或过去分词后常接宾语从句,这类形容词或过去分词有sure, glad, certain, pleased, happy, afraid, surprised, satisfied等,连词that可省略。如:

I am not sure what I ought to do.我不能确定我该做什么。

I’m afraid you don’t understand what I said.恐怕你没领会我说的意思。

I’m surprised that I didn’t see all that before.我好奇怪,我以前没看到过。

Mother was very pleased her daughter had passed the exams.妈妈为她的女儿通过了考试而感到高兴。

4.连词whether (…or not)或if引导的宾语从句

if和whether引导的宾语从句可以互换使用,但whether常和or not连用,if一般不与or not连用。如:

I wonder whether it is true or not. 我不知它是真是假。


Please let me know if you want to go.

Please let me know whether you want to go.


5.宾语从句的否定转移。在think, believe, suppose, expect等动词后的宾语从句,有时谓语尽管是否定意思,却不用否定形式,而将think等动词变为否定形式。如:

I don’t think you are right. 我认为你错了。

I don’t believe they have finished their work yet. 我相信他们还未完成他们的工作。

I don’t suppose he cares, does he? 我想他不在意,是吗?

6.  宾语从句的时态变化规律:

(1)    当主句是一般现在时态时,从句可根据需要用任何时态。

(2)    当主句是一般过去时态时,从句只能使用过去范围内的任何时态。但客观真理除外。如:

The teacher said that the earth goes round the sun.老师说地球绕着太阳运行。


1.  定义:用作同位语的从句叫做同位语从句。

2.  用法:同位语从句的先行词多为fact, news, idea, thought, question, reply, report, remark等,关联词多用从属连词that。

They were all very much worried over the fact that you were sick.对你生病这件事,他们都很焦虑。

Where did you get the idea that I could not come?你在哪儿听说我不能来?

Early in the day came the news that Germany had declared war on Russia.德国已对俄国宣战的消息一大早就传来了。


I have no idea whether he’ll come or not. 我不知道他是否来。

连[接代词who, which, what和连接副词where, when, why, how亦可引导同位语从句。

The question who should do the work requires consideration.谁该干这项工作,这个问题需要考虑。

We haven’t yet settled the question where we are going to spend our summer vacation.


It is a question how he did it.那是一个他如何做了此事的问题。











如:The news that Mr. Li will be our new English teacher is true. (同位语从句,that不可省。)


The news (that) he told me yesterday is true. (定语从句,that在从句中作told的宾语,可省。)


2.一些表示“建议、命令、要求”的名词如suggestion, advice, proposal, desire, demand, request, requirement, order, decision, command后所跟的同位语从句中,谓语动词用虚拟语气should+动词原形表示。should可省。如:

This is our only request that this (should) be settled as soon as possible.这就是我们唯一的请求:尽快解决这个问题。


1. Go and get your coat. It's _______ you left it.A. there                B. where                          C. there were D. where there

2. _______ the sports meet will be held depends on the weather.A. When ever                        B. If      C. Whether D. That

3. The problem is_______ he has enough time.A. if                      B. whether                        C./        D. that

4. He made a promise_______ he would help me.A. what            B. when                           C. that   D. which

5. I remember_______ this used to be a quiet village.A. how         B. when                           C. where        D. what

6. They lost their way in the forest and _____ made matters worse was that night began to fall.

A. that                               B. this                             C. what                         D. which

7. He told me the news ____ the Queen would visit China the next month.  A. that           B. which      C. when             D. when

8. When the holidays were drawing near, I asked my American friends ___ was the best way to travel in the United States.

  A. that                               B. what                            C. such                         D. that

9. He was lucky enough to sell his car for exactly ______.

  A. where he had paid for it       B. what he had paid for it  C. what he was paid for it      D. which he had paid for it

10. Sometimes we are asked ______ we think the likely result of an action will be.  A. that    B. what   C. which  D. whether

11. They have not made any decision on ______ they are going to do to deal with the waste and control pollution.

  A. that                                 B. which                           C. if                          D. what

12. --- Do you know him?--- Yes, but I can’t remember ________I met him for the first time.

A. where                              B. what                             C that                         D. if

13. --- Do you know _____ Mr. Black’s address is.   --- He may live at No. 18 or No. 19 of Bridge Street. I'm not sure of _____.

  A. what; which                        B. where; which                    C. where ; what                D. what; where

14. This old computer must have been of great use to _______ did the scientific research.

  A. those                               B. when                             C. whoever                     D. whomever

15. _______ all the inventions have in common is _____they have succeeded.

  A. What; what                         B. That; that                          C. What; that                     D That; what

16. --- I rang you at about ten, but there was no reply.  --- Oh, that was probably ____ I was seeing the doctor.

   A. when                          B. why                         C. what                        D. that

17. Maria has to baby-sit. That’s______ she can't come with us.   A. why      B. how       C. when             D. what

18. ____ surprised me most was ______ they had finished it so quickly.

  A. What, what                         B. That, that                          C. What, that                     D. That, what

19. The reason why she couldn’t come to the meeting was_____ she had not been invited.

  A. because                          B. which                           C. that                           D. why

20. In some countries, ____ is called "equality" does not really mean equal rights for all people.

  A. which                            B. that                             C. what                      D. one

21. Although he knew little about the work done in the field of physics, he succeeded ______other experienced experts failed.

  A. which                             B. that                               C. what                         D. where

22. Father made a promise _______ I passed the examination he would buy me a bicycle.                                             

A. that                                B. if                                  C. whether                    D. that if                                                

23. What I want to know is ______ he likes the gift given by us.

A. that                                B. if                                C. whether                   D.不填

24. He wanted to make sure __________.           

A. how we went there by bus   B. where did we go    C. what did we go there        D. when we went there                                                             

25. _____ they won the game was ______ we had expected.

  A. That; which                        B. Whether; that                    C. What; that                    D. That; what

26. I really don't mind much ________ they came to visit me or not.

  A. because                          B. why                            C. when                        D. whether

27. The question came up at the meeting _____ we had not enough money to do the research.

  A. whether                            B. that                               C. if                            D. what

28. ____ we can't get seems better than _____ we have.

  A. What; what                         B. What; that                         C. That; that                      D. That; what

29. ___ surprised me most was ____ he was too late for the important meeting, for he was chairman of it.

 A. What; why                          B. That; how                         C. What; how                   D. That; why

30. Although most of them have no doubt ____ he will pass the exam, I still think there is something about _____ he has really got everything ready.  A. whether; that  B. that; whether                                   C. that; that                        D. whether; whether

31. _______ beat Xiao Wang black and blue is not known.  A. Whom B. Whoever C. Who D. What

32. It is generally considered unwise to give a child_______ he or she wants.

A. however                           B. whatever                          C. whichever                        D. wherever

33. He was never satisfied with or proud of ____ he had achieved.

A. what                                 B. that                                  C. which                              D. all which

34. Can you tell me ____ get to the railway station?

A. how can I                          B. what I can                        C. how I can                        D. where I can

35. We don’t know ______.

A. this is whose dictionary       B. whose dictionary is this C. whose dictionary this is            D. whose is this dictionary

36. The problem is ____ we can finish the work within such a short time.

A. that                                   B. why                                C. how                                D. when

37. ___ the boy didn’t take the medicine made his mother very angry.

A. That                                  B. What                                C. How                               D. Which

38. Each blind man believed ____ he knew just ____ the elephant looked like.

A. that; what                          B. what; that                         C. that; that                           D. what; what

39. It was by the roadside ____ the six blind men sat quarrelling about the elephant.

A. when                                B. which                              C. on which                          D. that

40. They have no idea at all ____.

A. where he has gone             B. where did he go C. which place had he gone                 D. where has he gone

41. Do you know ____ your parents are pleased ____ you’ve done?

A. why; for what                    B. how; with what                C. that; with which                 D. how; for what

42. The reason ____ he hasn’t come is ____ he has to look after his father.

A. that; because                     B. why; because                  C. why; that                         D. which; because

43. ______ is unfit for the office.A. It seems to me that B. It seems to me that he  C. That seems he         D. That seems to him that

44. That is ____ paper came into use in China.  A. how                B. that      C. what           D. which

45. It looks ____ we shall have to do the work ourselves.   A. that  B. like  C. seeming           D. as though

46. ____ is not known yet.A. When she has gone B. Where she has gone   C. How did she leave        D. Why did she go

47. His suggestion ____ to see the exhibition interested everyone of us.

A. that we go                         B. which we should go   C. that we would go                    D. when we should go

48. I’ve got to make ____ he told a lie.   A. that clear  B. it clear that  C. quite clear                  D. this clear that

49. Word came ____his poem won the first prize.    A. that          B. whether  C. as  D. because

50. Some people believe ___ is easier for small countries to become strong and rich than for large____.

A. that; country                       B. it; one                             C. that; countries                   D. it; ones 


1987 ~ 2006年高考题汇编------------名词性从句

1._____________ you have done might do harm to other people.  ( 87 )  A. That       B. What       C. Which     D. This

2. They have no idea at all ____________. ( 87 )

  A. where he has gone            B. where did he go  C. which place he has gone              D. where he has gone

3. _____________ leaves the room last ought to turn off the lights. ( 88 )  A. Anyone    B. The person C. Whoever      D. Who

4. Upon graduation he asked to be sent to _______________.  ( 88 )

  A. where he is most needed             B. where he needed  C. where he is mostly needed         D. where is he mostly needed

5. These photographs will show you _____________.  ( 89 )

  A. what does our village look like      B. what our village looks like  C. how does our village look like   D. how our village looks like

6. Can you make sure _____________ the gold ring?  ( 90 )

  A. where Alice had put           B. where had Alice put  C. where Alice has put       D. where has Alice put

7. No one can be sure _____________ in a million years.  ( 91 )

  A. what man will look like       B. what will man look like  C. man will look like what        D. what look will man like

8. _____________ the Games will be held in Beijing is not known.  ( 92 )  A. Whenever     B. If   C. Whether            D. That

9. It worried her a bit _____________ her hair was turning grey.   ( 92 )  A. which    B. that          C. if   D. for

10. _____________ you don’t like him is none of my business.  ( 92 )  A. What        B. Who        C. That        D. Whether

11. _____________ he said at the meeting astonished everybody present. ( 93 )

  A. What             B. That                           C. The fact             D. The matter

12. He asked _____________ for the violin.  ( 93 )

  A. did I pay how much          B. I paid how much  C. how much did I pay          D. how much I paid

13. — Do you remember ____________ he came?   — Yes, I do, he came by car.  ( 94 )  A. how     B. when       C. thatD. if

14. _____________ is a fact that English is accepted as an international language.  ( 95 )  A. There          B. This C. That    D. It

15. Sarah hopes to become a friend of _____________ shares her interests.  ( 95 )

  A. anyone                   B. whomever                  C. whoever           D. no matter who

16. ____________ we can’t get seems better than ____________ we have. ( 96 )

  A. What; what    B. What; that          C. That; that           D. That; what

17. _____________ we’ll go camping tomorrow depends on the weather.  ( 96 )  A. If         B. Whether   C. That        D. Where

18. It is generally considered unwise to give a child _____________ he or she wants. ( 97 )

  A. however                 B. whatever           C. whichever                  D. whenever

19. ___________ caused the accident is still a complete mystery.  ( 98 )  A. What     B. That         C. How       D. Where

20. It was a matter of ____________ would take the position.  ( 98 )  A. who   B. whoever  C. whom     D. whomever

21. — I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week.Is that ____________ you had a few days off?  ( 99 )

A. why            B. when                         C. what                          D. where

22. ___________ has helped to save the drowning girl is worth praising.  ( 99 )

  A. Who             B. The one             C. Anyone             D. Whoever

23. These wild flowers are so special I would do _____________ I can to save them. ( 00 )

  A. that                        B. which                         C. whichever                  D. whatever

24. _____________ she couldn’t understand was _____________ fewer and fewer students showed interest in her lessons.  ( 00 )

  A. That; what     B. What; why                  C. What; because   D. Why; that

25. What the doctors really doubt is _____________ my mother will recover from the serious disease soon.  ( 01 )

  A. when            B. how                           C. whether            D. why

26. ____________ is no possibility ___________ Bob can win the first prize in the match. ( 01 )

  A. There; that     B. It; that                         C. There; whether   D. It; whether

27. When you answer questions in a job interview, please remember the golden rule: Always give the money exactly ____________ he wants. ( 2002上海 )  A. what            B. which                         C. when                         D. that

28. There is a new problem involved in the popularity of private cars ________ road conditions need _________. ( 2003上海 )

  A. that; to be improved                    B. which; to be improved  C. where; improving                                  D. when; improving

29. — Are you still thinking about yesterday’s game?— Oh, that’s ____________.  (2003 北京春季)

A. what makes me feel excited        B. whatever I feel excited about C. how I feel about it                D. when I feel excited

30. We cannot figure out _______ quite a number of insects, birds, and animals are dying out. (2004 北京)

 A. that                         B. as                   C. why                          D. when

31. I think Father would like to know ___________ I've been up to so far, so I decide to send him a  quick note. ( 04 湖南 )

 A. which           B. why                           C. what                          D. how

32. A modern city has been set up in ________ was a wasteland ten years ago . ( 04 天津 )

   A. what            B. which                         C. that                            D. where

33. Parents are taught to understand ______ important education is to their children’s future. ( 04广东 )

A. that                        B. how                           C. such                          D. so

34. The road is covered with snow. I can't understand ______they insist on going by motor-bike.  ( 04 )

   A. why                        B. whether             C. when                         D. how

35. After Yang Li Wei succeeded in circling the earth, _______ our astronauts desire to do is walk in space.  ( 04上海 )

A. where           B. what                          C. that                            D. how

36. A story goes ______ Elizabeth I of England liked nothing more that being surrounded by clever and qualified noblemen at court.  ( 04上海 ) A. when            B. where                  C. what                          D. that

37. The other day, my brother drove his car down the street at ________ I thought was a dangerous speed.  ( 04上海春季 )

    A. as                          B. which                         C. what                          D. that

38. Along with the letter was his promise ________ he would visit me this coming Christmas.

    A. which            B. that                            C. what                          D. whether

39. Mary wrote an article on         the team had failed to win the game . ( 05 北京 )

A. why                       B. what                          C. who                           D. that

40. Danby left word with my secretary ____________ he would call again in the afternoon. ( 05 浙江 )

  A. who                       B. that                            C. as                    D. which

41. The way he did it was different          we were used to . ( 05 江西 )

     A. in which                 B. in what                      C. from what                       D. from which

42. I was surprised by her words, which made me recognize ___ silly mistakes I had made. ( 05 湖南 )

  A. what                   B. that                       C. how                     D. which

43. With his work completed, the businessman stepped back to his seat, feeling pleased ____ he was a man of action. ( 06 湖南 )

A. which           B. that         C. what          D. whether

44. We haven't settled the question of ______________ it is necessary for him to study abroad. ( 06江苏 )

A. if           B. where        C. whether        D. that

45.         makes this shop different is that it offers more personal services.( 06辽宁 )

A. What             B. Who                           C. Whatever          D. Whoever

46. See the flags on top of the building? That was          we did this morning. ( 06全国I )

A. when       B. which         C. where          D. what

47. Please remind me          he said he was going. I may be in time to see him off. ( 06全国I )

A. where       B. when         C. how            D. what

48. --- What did your parents think about your decision?--- They always let me do _______ I think I should.  ( 06全国III )

A. when            B. that                          C. how                             D. what

49. Engines are to machines _________ hearts are to animals.   ( 06山东 )

A. as                                 B. that                                        C. what                               D. which

50. I just wonder __________ that makes him so excited.   ( 06山东 )

A. why it does     B. what he does   C. how it is       D. what it is

51. One advantage of playing the guitar is _________ it can give you a great deal of pleasure. ( 06上海 )

A. how                            B. why                        C. that                      D. when

52. He spoke proudly of his part in the game, without mentioning ________ his teammates had done. ( 06上海 )

A. what                  B. which                      C. why                    D. while

53. --- It’s thirty years since we last met. --- But I still remember the story, believe it or not, ___  we got lost on a rainy night.

 ( 06四川 )   A. which           B. that            C. what           D. when

54. There is much chance         Bill will recover from his injury in time for the race.   ( 06天津 )

A. that                       B. which         C. until           D. if

55. Nobody believed his reason for being absent form the class   he had to meet his uncle at the airport.  ( 06重庆 )

A. why                               B. that                     C. where                D. because

56. These shoes look very good. I wonder __________.  ( 06上海春季 )

A. how much cost they are    B. how much do they cost C. how much they cost  D. how much are they cost

57.    Doris' success lies in the fact _________ she is co-operative and eager to learn from others.  ( 06上海春季 )

A. which                   B. that                            C. when               D. why

58. --- Could you do me a favor?    --- It depends on       it is.

A. which                     B. whichever                  C. what                          D. whatever

59. The other day, my brother drove his car down the street at _________ I thought was a dangerous speed.

  A. as                                   B. which                         C. what                          D. that

60.. Along with the letter was his promise _______ he would visit me this coming Christmas.

  A. which                     B. that                            C. what                          D. whether


全国答案    1 ----5BACAB  6 ---- 10CACBC  11--- 15ADADC 16 ---- 20ABBAA   21 --- 25ADDBC  26 ---- 30AAAAC 31--- 35CABAB  36 --- 40DCBAB  41 --- 45CABCA 46 ---- 50 DBDCD  51 --- 55CABAB  56 --- 60 CBCCB


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