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unit7A Christmas Carol  

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 2.Ability goals

a. Enable the students to appreciate a play and know the characters of the persons in a play.

b. Enable the students to discuss about a person.

3.Learning ability goals: Teach the students how to know the characters of the persons in a play by learning his words and behaviors.

Teaching important points

a. Talk about social responsibilities.

b. Get the main idea of the play.

c. Discuss the question of comprehension: What kind of person is Scrooge?

Teaching difficult points

a. Appreciate the beauty of a play.

b. Make the students find Scrooge’s real feelings and what kind of person Scrooge is.

c. Enable them to understand how selfish and mean Scrooge is.

Teaching methods

1. Listening to the tape;

2. Group discussion and presentation;

3. Multi-functional teaching equipment

Teaching procedures & ways

Step Ⅰ Lead-inunit7 - 紫霞仙客 - 紫霞仙客的博客unit7 - 紫霞仙客 - 紫霞仙客的博客unit7 - 紫霞仙客 - 紫霞仙客的博客

Ask them to have a discussion in order to make them further understand the knowledge of Christmas and try to make them realize Christmas is the time when everyone should open their hearts to others and be friendly to others.

No one is an exception.

T: There are three questions to discuss.

1. How is Christmas Eve celebrated in western countries?

 Christmas is an important festival in western culture and people celebrate it in their own ways. For example, there will be a Christmas dinner. In the dinner there must be a turkey. Each family has a Christmas tree. They often decorate it to add to the festive atmosphere. 

 All kinds of things are put on the tree, such as lights, color-flowers, toys and stars. Before going to sleep, children prepare empty socks or shoes for Father Christmas to put gifts in. The next morning, they can find socks and shoes full of such gifts as toys, chocolate and candy.

2. What Christmas songs do people sing? Can you sing some of them?

3. What do you know, about Santa Claus? What is his role?

 Santa Claus , Father Christmas, is dressed in red , comes on the back of a deer, climbs down the chimney and gives Christmas presents to the children. So he is very kind .

      He plays an important role in Christmas because he brings presents for Children. What’s more, he also brings happiness and hopes for people.


Step II  Pre-reading

Get the students to know some general knowledge about Charles Dickens’ play—A Christmas Carol by asking them some simple questions. This step is very important because it is easier for the students to further understand the main idea of the play. Explain the general knowledge as patiently as possible.


Fast reading

 1. When does the story happen?

       It happens on the day before Christmas, that is to say, at Christmas Eve.

   2. Which of the two men in the picture is Ebenezer Scrooge — the boss?

unit7 - 紫霞仙客 - 紫霞仙客的博客


The man on the left is Scrooge


Step III  Reading

1. Details checking

Ask the students questions about the main idea. But the teacher should make sure that the students can answer all the questions because only so can the students know what kind of person Scrooge is.

T: Now I think you must know the details of the play.

Please look at the sentences in the slide. Try your best to judge whether they are true or false.

1. It was cold in Scrooge’s office and Bob had to warm himself over the candles.

2. Scrooge was willing to let Bob have a day off because it would be Christmas the next day.

3. Scrooge was invited by his niece and he accepted the invitation happily.

4. A gentleman arrived at Scrooge’s office because he wanted to collect some money for the poor.

5. Scrooge didn’t want to give the poor any money because he was poor himself.

6. In Scrooge’s dream he met his old friend—Jacob Marley.


Step IV  Listening

This time the students should listen to the tape as carefully as possible. They should not only pay attention to the pronunciation and intonation but also understand the main idea of the play as well.



Step Ⅴ  Play-acting

This step aims at making the students fully involved in the situation. In this step, the students’ performances are the most important things. So the teacher should act as a guide. Don’t interrupt them if they make mistakes.


Step Ⅵ  Post-reading

In this procedure, the students are asked to read the play once more. But this time they should read the play more carefully. As a result, more difficult questions will be asked so as to check whether the students have really grasped the character of Scrooge and how his words and actions show his character.


 The Second Period

Language points:

1. carol   (carol(l)ed)

vi. 欢唱; 啭鸣; 唱颂歌She used to carol cheerfully every morning. 她过去经常每天早上欢乐地歌唱。

vt. 歌颂; 欢唱The company’s salesman has been caroling its glories for many years. 公司的推销员多少年来都在歌颂公司的辉煌成就。

n. 欢乐的歌, 颂歌, (尤指)圣诞节颂歌


2. care for

喜欢I don’t care for tea. 我不喜欢喝茶。

照顾;照料;抚养 The children are well cared for in the hospital.

He’s good at caring for sick animals. 他精心照料生病的牲畜。


3. fake

捏造者;冒牌货,赝品The teapot looked old but was a recent fake. 这把茶壶貌似古董,却是一件新近制作的赝品。

adj. 伪造的;捏造的  vt.  faked, faking伪造;捏造

假装;装做He faked illness=pretended to be ill. 他假装生病。


4. standard   n.标准;水准standard of living生活水平(= living standard)

Your work is not up to the standard. 你的工作不够标准。

(用来衡量重量和纯度的)标准,基准  (任何一种仪式的)旗帜   旗杆 (货币的)本位制,金本位制

adj. 普通的;平常的standard sizes一般尺寸

极佳的;模范的;标准的standard work模范作品


5. frost  n.

严寒;冰点以下的温度Frost can kill off a young plant. 严寒会摧毁幼苗。

严寒天气  霜The grass was covered with frost. 草上盖满了霜。

of frost 冰点之下There was 5 degrees of frost last night. 昨晚气温为零下五度。

vt.(常与over, up连用)使盖满霜The cold has frosted the windows. 天气寒冷使窗上结满了霜。使金属、玻璃等表面粗糙


6. wage  n.

(常用pl) 工资What is my weekly wage? 我的周工资是多少?

His wages are $460 a week. 他的工资每星期460美元。

vt. waged, waging  进行;开展;发起The North waged war on the South. 北方发动对南方的战争。


7. admit  vt., vi.   -tt-

许可进入,准许进入This ticket admits two people to the football match. 这张票可供两人入场看足球赛。

容纳, 容许The cinema admits about 2000 people. 这座电影院大约可坐 2000 人。

The rules and regulations admit of no other explanation. 这些规章制度不容许有其他解释。

承认;供认He admitted his crime. 他招认了罪行。


8. clap  vt., vi.   -pp-

拍手;击掌The nursery teacher clapped her hands to attract the children’s attention. 幼儿园的教师拍拍手,要孩子们注意。

鼓掌(表示赞许)When the singer finished, we clapped. 歌唱家唱完时,我们鼓掌。

以手轻拍(表示友善)The coach clapped the new member of his team on the back to suggest his encouragement. 教练轻轻拍了拍新来的队员的背表示鼓励。

急速处理;用力地放The judge clapped the criminal in prison. 法官马上将犯人送进监狱里。

clap eyes on看见It’s many years since I clapped eyes on him. 我最后一次看见他是多年前的事了。

n. 突然的响声;砰然出声a clap of thunder雷鸣声


clap on很快地戴上She clapped her hat on. 她很快地戴上帽子。


9. idle   adj.

停顿的;不工作的;不做事的;空闲的Men are left idle when machines break down. 机器坏了时,工人们便无事可做了。

懒惰的That boy is really idle. 那男孩真懒。

无用的;无价值的It would be idle to argue further. 再辩论下去也不会有什么效果。

无因的;无由的His words were just idle threats; You don’t have to take them too seriously. 他的话只不过是吓人的空话,你不必太认真了。

vi., vt.   idled, idling  不做事;游手好闲idling in the park在公园里闲逛


(与away连用)消磨时间idling away the hours消磨时光


10.  close up

关闭;停歇The old road has now been closed up since the highway was open to public use. 自从高速公路通车以来,那条旧公路已经封闭了。

靠拢;靠近;靠紧The teacher told the children to close up to each other near the camp fire and then began his story. 老师叫孩子们在营火旁互相靠拢些,接着就开始讲起故事来。


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